Chemstik TEFLON® Adhesive Tapes

CHEMSTIK Adhesive Backed Teflon® PTFE combines all the advantages of CHEMFAB with a high temp Silicone or Acrylic adhesive. The max continuous temperature is 260deg C

  • Zone Tapes

    Zone tapes are ideal if you need an adhesive backed tape but do not want the adhesive in contact with the heating platton. A strip of adhesive is applied to each edge of the PTFE tape. This also improves heat transfer through the PTFE tape which can reduce sealing time for your process.

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  • Chemstik Teflon® Adhesive Backed Tapes

    The CHEMSTIK® range of products comprises Teflon® (PTFE) coated woven glass fabric with pressure sinsitive adhesive on one side.

    CHEMSTIK® is produced with either a Silicone or Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Silicone adhesive products have a continuous operating temperature range of -70ºC to +260ºC.

    Acrylic adhesive systems provide high initial tack and enhanced solvent resistance. The temperature rating for the Acrylic adhesives is
    -40ºC to +177ºC.

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