NORSEAL® is a closed-cell, compressible PVC foam with pressure-sensitve adhesive. NORSEAL® foam tapes are an economical choice to protect against water, dirt and air infiltration and resist weathering, UV oxidation, mildew and fungus. A proper gasket must interface between two dissimilar surfaces. Unlike traditional sealing methods such as caulks, mastics, or precompressed materials.

  • Norseal 1020 Foam Tape

    Seal against air draft, light dust and noise

    Norseal® 1020 is extremely soft, low density, open cell PVC foam.  The open cell nature of its foam allows it to  be compressed easily and to return very quickly to its original height.  With a permanent polyester liner, its ideal for open and close applications

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  • Norseal 1020

    NORSEAL 4031 Series

    Seal, shock and vibration absorber. Flame retardant grade.

    NORSEAL 4031 is a medium density closed cell PVC foam sealant with “swirl-free” capability. NORSEAL 4031 was specifically created to work with mechanical fasteners. The unique foam resists distortion from drilling, riveting and other fastening operations, making it ideal for metal to metal joints.

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  • Norseal 1020

    NORSEAL 2521 Series

    Soft, closed cell PVC, foam. Watertight seal. Flame Retardant Grade

    NORSEAL 2521 is a closed cell PVC foam with a very low density and a low force to compress.

    NORSEAL 2521 is designed to create a watertight seal with a minimal amount of force. This ability allows it to conform easily to rough or irregular surfaces. It is also ideal for sealing thin gauge metals or plastics which could distort under greater pressures.

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  • Norseal 1020

    NORSEAL K10/K20/K30 Thin supported

    Engineering for High Performance Gasketing Applications

    Norseal K Series Micro-cellular Polyurethane Foam

    The Norseal series micro-cellular polyurethane Foams are offered in a broad range of properties, making them ideal for a variety of gasketing and energy absorption needs.

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  • Norseal V980/V990

    NORSEAL V980/V990

    NORSEAL® foam sealant combines a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam substrate with pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides.  For 40 years, NORSEAL’s proven performance in the window glazing market has made it the preferred choice in a variety of glazing applications.

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